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Pasach inventory and price list

Pasach list: 2nd cut Brisket Grass fed 6.79/lb 2nd cut Brisket Grain fed 7.49/lb Comes with a few roasts frozen together   Minute Roast Grass fed 6.99/lb comes with 2 roasts frozen together aprox 10lb Minute Roast Grain fed 7.79/lb (limited stock)   French Roast Grass fed 7.99/lb (1 left) French Roast grain fed 10.25/lb    Ribeye Roast Grain fed 12.99/lb  Ground beef 2lb roll $9.99 (should be available Wednesday) Skirt Steak $15.99/lb (frozen bags of around 4 lb) Grass fed is generally leaner and cheaper, Grain fed (finished) is generally fattier tastier  Marvid cases:  Legs: 3.49/lb  Cutlets: 6.59/lb  Cut in 4  3.29/lb Necks 3.99/lb (aprox 10lb case) Bones 2.35/lb (aprox 15lb case) Marvid needs to be ordered by Monday noon.  David Elliot 30-35lb frozen cases: Legs: 2.45/lb  Cutlets: 4.89/lb  Whole chickens cut in 4 or 8: 2.39/lb to order email me at Minute roast, 2 roasts frozen together aprox 10lb 2lb frozen tube ground beef. I find it to be fatty.