Crown Heights Meat Club price list

Cold Cut platters: $20-23/lb  most trays are around 1.4lb   Cold Cuts by the pound sliced or cubed:  Salami or Bologna $9   Shoulder Pastrami $17.50   Corned beef 1st cut brisket $20   Smoked turkey $13   Turkey Pastrami $14 Mexican turkey   $13 Chorizo salami $13 each (aprox 1.2lb)  Meat:   French Roast, grain fed 1 roast per bag frozen 10.99/lb,  2nd cut brisket, grain fed multiple roasts per bag frozen 8.49/lb  minute roast grass fed (2 rosats aprx 10lb per bag) 8.79/lb

Summer update:

Yudule's Meat Club is here to bring you quality meat products at affordable prices.  Based out of the Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn NY, our meat club serves the local kosher community.  We offer frozen Chicken by the case, various frozen meat roasts, cold cut platters, and  hors d'oeuvre ready to be heated and served. Products can be picked up in Crown Heights, delivery available in Crown heights for orders over $100. To get Meat club updates and prices join our WhatsApp group: Broadcast  to order email: Some more selections available, as we are in the 2nd summer of covid you will notice a price increase on lots of products. Cold Cut platters: Large platter (16 inch/3 lb)            $45 Small platter (1 lb)                          $18 Large platter cubed       $55 Small plater cubed             $23 platters are generally equal amounts all cuts listed below Cold Cuts per pound sliced or cubed: S

Hu d'oeuvres (Appetizers)

 I am happy to be able to offer a new line of items from Generation 7, all under CHK. all products come frozen and ready to put into the oven. CHICKEN NUGGETS 20 LB $79.99 FRANKS IN BLANKS 50 CT* $21.00 EMPANADA MINI BEEF 25 CT** $16.00 CORNDOGS 50 CT $72.99 PRETZEL DOG LARGE 50 CT $64.99 PRETZEL DOGS MINI 25 CT** $12.99 MEATBALLS BEEF 10LB $78.99 MEATBALLS BEEF/CKN 10LB $59.99 STUFFED CABBAGE* $14.99 HUSH PUPPIES 50 CT $79.99

Pasach inventory and price list

Pasach list: 2nd cut Brisket Grass fed 6.79/lb 2nd cut Brisket Grain fed 7.49/lb Comes with a few roasts frozen together   Minute Roast Grass fed 6.99/lb comes with 2 roasts frozen together aprox 10lb Minute Roast Grain fed 7.79/lb (limited stock)   French Roast Grass fed 7.99/lb (1 left) French Roast grain fed 10.25/lb    Ribeye Roast Grain fed 12.99/lb  Ground beef 2lb roll $9.99 (should be available Wednesday) Skirt Steak $15.99/lb (frozen bags of around 4 lb) Grass fed is generally leaner and cheaper, Grain fed (finished) is generally fattier tastier  Marvid cases:  Legs: 3.49/lb  Cutlets: 6.59/lb  Cut in 4  3.29/lb Necks 3.99/lb (aprox 10lb case) Bones 2.35/lb (aprox 15lb case) Marvid needs to be ordered by Monday noon.  David Elliot 30-35lb frozen cases: Legs: 2.45/lb  Cutlets: 4.89/lb  Whole chickens cut in 4 or 8: 2.39/lb to order email me at Minute roast, 2 roasts frozen together aprox 10lb 2lb frozen tube ground beef. I find it to be fatty.

Shalach Manos

Purim Platters. all basically the same theme, cubed cold cuts with crackers. some have mustered ketchup pickles and tooth picks. I can vacuum pack these, that way it may stay fresh for a few extra days, but it does take a little away from the look. I included pictures with and without the vacuum packing.  Here goes:     $33 This has 1 pound of meat. Vacuum packed.  $27, approximately 3/4 lb meat.    Last one is a small one $10 like 1/3 pound, does not have all 7 cuts just 3. This one does not look great vacuum packed, only slightly better with saran wrap...

Cold cut platter pictures

 Cold cut plater pictures: Shalach manos tray $33 Round Small cubed tray $23 Large Tray sliced (3lb) $45 Large tray cubed (3lb) $55 Small tray sliced $17