Summer update:

Yudule's Meat Club is here to bring you quality meat products at affordable prices. 

Based out of the Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn NY, our meat club serves the local kosher community. 

We offer frozen Chicken by the case, various frozen meat roasts, cold cut platters, and hors d'oeuvre ready to be heated and served.

Products can be picked up in Crown Heights, delivery available in Crown heights for orders over $100.

To get Meat club updates and prices join our WhatsApp group:
 to order email:

Some more selections available, as we are in the 2nd summer of covid you will notice a price increase on lots of products.

Cold Cut platters:

Large platter (16 inch/3 lb)         $45

Small platter (1 lb)                       $18

Large platter cubed       $55

Small plater cubed             $23

platters are generally equal amounts all cuts listed below

Cold Cuts per pound sliced or cubed:

Salami or Bologna                   $7.99

Shoulder Pastrami                    $15.99

Smoked turkey                         $10.99

Turkey Pastrami                       $5.99  (temporarily unavailable)

Mexican turkey                        $12.99

Chorizo salami                         $11.99 each (aprox 1.2lb) (temporarily unavailable)

Shoulder Pastrami Pieces         $12.99/lb

Beef Karnatzel spicy salami  10.99 pack of 7 (approx. 1.1lb)



Skirt Steak, multiple roasts per bag frozen  (aprox 3-4lb per bag) 15.99/lb limited supply 

Ribeye Roast, Grain fed 1 roast per bag frozen                  12.99/lb, 

French Roast, grain fed 1 roast per bag frozen                  10.25/lb, 

2nd cut brisket, grain fed multiple roasts per bag frozen   7.49/lb

minute roast grass fed  (2 roasts approx. 10lb per bag)        6.99/lb 

Beef Franks pack of 20                 $12.99

Chicken by the case with varying availability needs to be ordered Monday morning for delivery Wednesday. 
David Elliot 30lb cases or Legs, Cutlets, whole chickens and cut in 4 or cut in 8.
Similar selections available for Marvid.


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